Welcome to Miami Video Production Headquarters -VM Studios

Miami is one of the leading capitols of the world, representing only the finest in fashion, art design, architecture, theatre, and FILM! Us Miamians may sometimes take our city for granted and not realize the beauty and entertainment that it has to offer. As a company representing video, photography, and film, we love to encourage […]

I have some very exciting news! VM Productions has come a long way from its first handheld panasonic home video camera. This year, we are finally introducing RED to the family. The RED camera shoots in 5K resolution, meaning bigger pictures and better quality. Using RED is a must for shooting films, commercials, etc. The […]

The day is finally here! The new and improved VM Productions website is up and running. As I look back to the beginning of my business in 2004, I realize we have experienced a lot. VM Productions has gone from filming summer camp shows at the famous Coconut Grove Playhouse, to filming big corporate events […]