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Go For Sisters

Go For Sisters

Range: the distance within which something can be reached or perceived; the distance between a camera and a subject; the scope of a person’s knowledge or abilities.

John Sayles, an American pioneer for independent cinema, encapsulates the definition of the word.  Sayles has authored six diverse novels, his first being Pride of the Bimbos in 1975 and his most recent book A Moment in the Sun was published by McWeeny’s in 2011.  In the beginning of his career, his fiction work brought him to the attention of director and producer Roger Corman (“Piranha”, “Battle Beyond the Stars”), also known as King of the Bs.  After working on the aforementioned B classics with Corman, Sayles went on to pen numerous other feature films including “Apollo 13,” “Lianna,” and “Baby It’s You.”

Sayles is also a two time Oscar nominee for the films “Passion Fish” which was released in 1993 and “Lone Star,” a 1997 film that took place on the Texas-Mexico border and covered themes such as with race, memory, and legend.  Then, after a storytelling stint in Alaska for the 1999 movie “Limbo,” Sayles touched base in our very own state with the picture “Sunshine State” (2000).   Finally “Casa de los Babies,” a 2003 film with stunning performances delivered by a mixed Mexican and American cast, is probably Sayles’ best known work from the early years of the new millennium.

Screenplays written by John Sayles not only go above and beyond thematically, but they have allowed movie-goers to travel as far as Sayles’s imagination will take them.  His next film, “Go for Sisters” is a story about two women who were so close growing up that they could ‘go for sisters.’ When they reconnect twenty years later, it’s because one is assigned as the parole officer for the other.  Sayles describes it as “a story people haven’t seen before and full of terrific performances.”

Sayles and his team shot the film in over 70 locations within 2 countries, over the course of 19 days. Talk about range.

John Sayles fans and indie cinema aficionados in South Florida can watch “Go For Sisters” at the Lake Worth Playhouse beginning on Friday, November 29th.


Watch Go For Sisters trailer here:

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